Travel sizes: skincare becomes a lightweight business

Travel sizes: skincare becomes a lightweight business

Summertime to its fullest, the suitcase peeking out from above the wardrobe waiting to be packed, the purchase of a pair of sandals in the season’s must-have color, the hotel voucher ready to be redeemed, that is already a bit leaving on vacation.

When enjoyed with a clear mind and the relaxed pace that holiday mood gives everyday life, a few days can be enough to live a moment of profitable otium and take care of ourselves, of our Time and Spirit that long for attention, calmness, serenity.


Travel kits, when skincare fits the beauty-case

Lightness in the formulations… and also in the luggage. A few days of pleasant break from every day’s life featuring some sly indulgence to laziness, too, cannot anyway mean any skincare routine neglection. Just one recommendation: hot season cosmetic care asks for lightness in the formulations and practicality in their packaging so as not to burden the skin and the suitcase with unnecessary weight.

A few well-selected cosmetics in “smart” sizes let us continue our skin routine even on vacation without extra loading, literally, our trip.


Travel size 1: Face skincare

Villa Paradiso Cosmetics has conceived Regenerating Morning Program, a practical and refined kit that combines in two 15 ml formats the cleansing and oxygenating action of Oxygen Cleansing Foam and the moisturizing one of Revitalizing Morning Treatment mask.

Oxygen Cleansing Foam is the innovative cleanser by Villa Paradiso Cosmetics recommended for daily cleansing of face and neck. Coming as a light and gently-scented gel texture, in contact with air it changes to a fine, effervescent foam that cleanses and oxygenates the skin, wakes it up to its natural vitality and leaves it moisturized, elastic and fresh.

Revitalizing Morning Treatment is a soft moisturizing, elasticizing and revitalizing mask which can also be used as a cream. Based on functional ingredients of natural origin, it stimulates cellular respiration, restructures the connective tissue and ensures an effective moisturizing and restructuring action which delivers softness, firmness and a radiant appearance to the skin.


Travel size 2: Body skincare

It smoothens, softens, regenerates the skin and leaves it free to breathe, thus maximizing the benefits of the cosmetic treatments to follow: an essential cosmetic routine, the best-selling Villa Paradiso Cosmetics Body Scrub is also available in practical 30 ml sachets. Applied coherently at least once a week, it helps keep the skin supple and healthy and promotes a long-lasting and intense tan.


Travel size 3: Hair skincare 

Sun, salt, chlorine-rich swimming pools: never as in summer it is necessary to take special care of our hair to keep it healthy and protected from hot season challenges. Available in a 20 ml sachet, Hair Mask delivers its restructuring, moisturizing, detangling action to the hair on vacation, too. Rich in vegetable functional ingredients having hydrating, emollient and protective properties, Hair Mask is suitable to all types of hair and recommended for dry, dehydrated, brittle and frizzy one. Applied before shampooing and as a repairing conditioner, this rinse-off balm restructures, hydrates and detangles the hair and restores its tone, softness and shine.

Hair Mask

Hair Mask

Restructuring, moisturizing, polishing hair mask

a partire da8,00
Regenerating Morning Program

Regenerating Morning Program

Oxygen Cleansing Foam + Revitalizing Morning Treatment in travel size




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