“SUMMER FRESHNESS”: your perfect summertime skincare routine

“SUMMER FRESHNESS”: your perfect summertime skincare routine

Summer season gifts mind and body with the indisputable benefits of the time spent outdoors: daylight, warm temperature and sun exposure have positive effects on our mood, favor the synthesis of vitamin D, improve tissue oxygenation and give the skin a tanned and luminous complexion provided that some particular attention is paid to its hydration in this time of the year when the risk of dryness is higher.

Hot days spent relaxing outdoors should not, indeed, mean any neglection in our skincare routine: no hard task to accomplish, as it is enough to choose proper cosmetics suitable to one’s need, to the climatic conditions of the period and possibly featuring a quick and pleasant application to take due care of our skin and maximize the benefits of summer.

Villa Paradiso Cosmetics has conceived a series of recommended skincare routines to meet different skin needs, cosmetic care proposals that wisely combine the anti-aging products of the brand born from the clinical experience of Villa Paradiso and Maison du Relax in ready-to-go protocols to offer the Consumer an experience of deep skin wellbeing.

Summer Freshness“, in particular, combines four selected cosmetics to deeply hydrate the skin and restore its suppleness and elasticity with a pleasant sensation of freshness on application.

Cleansing is entrusted to Oxygen Cleansing Foam, which effectively cleanses the skin in the morning and especially in the evening, when it is necessary to remove any residual make-up, sunscreen, salt or chlorine. Very practical to use, the cleanser appears as a fresh and pleasant gel which, in contact with the air, turns into a slightly effervescent foam that cleanses and hydrates the skin thanks to an active ingredient of vegetable origin which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and delivers a supple and elastic skin.

Anti-Age Regenerating Lotion is the passe-partout of the cosmetic proposal by Villa Paradiso Cosmetics, a concentrate of moisturizing, revitalizing and protective active ingredients that hydrate, soothe and reinvigorate the skin while delivering an immediate feeling of freshness. The lotion is recommended as a tonic after face cleansing and make-up removal and as a daily face and body treatment after having taken a bath or a shower.

An optimal hydration suitable for the summer period cannot do without an effective but light-textured moisturizer, to be applied even several times a day in consideration of the higher dehydration typical of the period. Hydra Fresh is a fresh and pleasant emulsion with ultra-fast absorption, rich in active ingredients that exert an effective and prolonged moisturizing and tonifying action and help regulate the natural cutaneous moisturization. Some special tip? Gentlemen could go for Hydra Fresh as an after-shave balm for a pleasant and effective restructuring, soothing and refreshing action.

Finally, an extra dose of hydration delivered once or twice a week by a specific treatment helps the skin remain in good condition and perform its natural barrier function. The ideal choice is a concentrated, but light-weight solution, which gives the skin visible results of suppleness and brightness, such as Gold Mask.

Formulated in a soft hydro-gel texture for excellent comfort, Gold Mask is enriched with particles of pure 24k gold in a bio-assimilable form that counteract the damaged related to oxidative stress thanks to the energizing and regenerating action of the precious metal.

Its exclusive mix of active ingredients exerts a moisturizing, smoothing and restorative action that delivers a visible result of supple and elastic skin.

Some really precious suggestion, an appropriate definition given the metal on reference, to maximize its benefits: in addition to the traditional use of Gold Mask as a mask with a leave-on time of about 10-15 minutes, apply the product at least once a week before going to bed and leave it on all night long; the gel will be quickly absorbed and, in the morning, the skin will immediately look bright and replenished.

Hydration, firmness, brightness

Hydration, firmness, brightness

Face Skincare

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