March, Ode to Femininity

March, Ode to Femininity

Spring is coming and Villa Paradiso Group celebrates Femininity by devoting the month of March to Her, to her physical and mental wellbeing and the peculiar features of her skin. A conscious woman is stronger and knows well how important it is to love herself and deal with Care, Prevention, Time.


Why female skin is special and how to take care of it

This special attention paid to Her starts just from female skin, which, if compared to male one, stays elastic, supple and healthy for a long time thanks to the production of estrogen, but then undergoes a quick and almost sudden aging process. The physiological slowdown of the hormonal production beginning already from 35-40 years, as a matter of fact, makes the skin fragile, dull and slow in its natural regeneration processes.

What can be done to counteract this kind of time’s acceleration and keep a healthy and radiant look? The secret is to start early to care for our skin and strengthen it with specific cosmetics having an antioxidant, regenerating, nourishing action, able to minimize cutaneous dyschromia and make the complexion even and naturally bright again.


Cosmetics for Her

A true Villa Paradiso Cosmetics best-seller in reason of its iconic fragrance and silky, velvety texture, Anti-Age Serum protects the skin from the damages coming from the aging action of free radicals and supports its natural renewal. Thanks to the high concentration and balanced synergy of a powerful multivitamin complex, of Coenzyme Q10 and Superoxide-Dismutase enzyme, ingredients with proven antioxidant and restructuring properties, the serum helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and support the process of regeneration for a visibly smoother and suppler skin.

Combined with the serum, Intensive Lumineux cream ideally completes an effective daily cosmetic protocol for female skin. Featuring a soft, velvety touch and a luxury scent, Intensive Lumineux is recommended to give nourishment, homogeneity and brightness to the skin of face and neck. A calibrated selection made of antioxidant and revitalizing vitamins, polysaccharides with a film-forming and moisturizing action and natural active principles able to regulate the production and distribution of melanin nourish the skin, help prevent dyschromia and even the complexion out.


Villa Paradiso and Maison du Relax, “Women’s Month” special

A deep holistic well-being and tailor-made energetic, food and cosmetic diagnostics: these are the cornerstones of the exclusive protocols by Villa Paradiso and La Maison du Relax clinics, which have been welcoming their Guests for almost 35 years with individual remise en forme programs and a healthy break from everyday life.

Conceived with preventive and predictive purposes against aging, the protocols have been designed to turn a peaceful stay of profound rebalancing and relaxation into an opportunity to take care of one’s mind and body, customized programs unrolling at a slow pace in which Time stops being the enemy that too quickly doubles us over distances and becomes a precious ally to feel good.

The month of March in the two clinics, too, is devoted to Femininity, with a special offer conceived for Ladies only which includes preventive breast examinations alongside with the famous cosmetic treatments that aim at treating each skin according to its special uniqueness.

Anti-Age Serum

Anti-Age Serum

Antioxidant and lifting serum

Intensive Lumineux

Intensive Lumineux

Nourishing and brightening face cream

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