Female and Male skin

Female and Male skin

Different skin types deserve different cosmetic treatments

To deserve a “global” label, an approach to wellbeing cannot disregard some special attention being paid to our skin. As an organ precious for its natural defensive action, namely known as cutaneous barrier function, the skin protects us from the outer world threats, including the ones coming from the natural time flow.

To let the skin exert its natural defensive functions, and favor its reaction against inner and outer attacks, it is highly important to reinforce and protect it by means of suitable products, chosen starting from an essential distinction between male and female skin.
Men’s and women’s skin do actually differ in reason of some significant factors which mainly depend on its specific hormonal composition.

The skin of the two genders has got, that goes without saying, the same anatomical structure, but the variation of the respective hormonal production determines a difference in its composition and behavior along the years which must be carefully considered to convey every prevention and maintenance action at the best.
To be effective, any cosmetic must therefore be formulated by keeping into due consideration these differences, so to fill any eventual natural gap and reinforce, at the same time, the cutaneous structure.

This way, the skin will receive the most suitable support to stay healthy and slow down, where possible, natural aging processes, both endogenous and caused by outer factors, mainly sun rays and thermal shocks, especially in wintertime.

Female skin

The essential difference between men’s and women’s skin lies in the hormonal set-up of the two genders, which determines a sharp difference in terms of skin’s firmness and resistance against aging processes. The production of female estrogens keeps indeed the skin of women elastic for a long time, until menopause. These hormones uninterruptedly support the skin, which stays firm and able to renew itself until climacterium.

When the ovarian activity stops, and the estrogens production is consequently discontinued, the skin is suddenly fragile, less elastic and slow in its natural regeneration process. Wrinkles become more evident, the skin tone is duller and some dyschromia can be seen.
It’s a real shock the skin faces when the estrogenic support it enjoyed for years is over: that’s why it is extremely important to start taking care of our skin long before the menopause, so to help it better face the natural weakness to come.

Fewer girls in their puberty show symptoms of seborrheic acne in comparison to their male peers. Once again, female estrogens are precious fellows which balance testosterone production, also secreted by girls though in a lower quantity than boys, and regulate the sebum level. Female skin looks even, smooth and with less excess sebum, but, on the other side, thinner and poorer when coming to the natural protective cutaneous film which works as a barrier against outer threats. Therefore, a good skin care routine cannot do without an effective hydrating and moistening product to help the skin keep its natural hydrolipidic film unchanged.

Her skin, as said, is thinner than His: this results in a smaller presence of collagen fibers, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Women’s skin is consequently more fragile and in need of extra support to be gained, already from the age of 30, by using suitable cosmetics able to fill the gap of a reduced production of collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid.

The composition of these cosmetics is the key factor to their effectiveness, as just highly biocompatible products can let their functional ingredients work where mainly needed and stimulate, at the same time, the endogenous production of those same substances, for instance by means of specific peptides.

Male skin

The scarcity of estrogens in men’s skin results in reduced firmness in comparison to women’s, therefore the aging process for Him is slow and uninterrupted since youth, but with no sudden, sharp fall.

The skin of a man and a woman both aged 40 who have been living the same cutaneous stress history shows, for Him, more aging signs, with more evident wrinkles and areas of different epidermal thickness. Male aging does not imply a sudden hormonal shock as sharp as the one occurring to Her at time of the menopause; in this case, it is strategic to counteract since youth the physiological, slow, but progressive cutaneous skin aging by using suitable cosmetics to fight against the loss of firmness.

The sebum production is a direct consequence of testosterone action: His skin is richer in sebaceous glands which are also more developed. The resulting higher sebum production is the reason behind some acne breakouts in youth and, generally, a thicker and oilier male skin with larger and more evident pilosebaceous units.

Such a thicker skin is more resistant to outer attacks, provided they are not particularly aggressive or continuous, otherwise the skin would naturally react with some extra sebum production to try to protect itself.

The most common of these outer attacks is shaving, a daily gesture for almost the whole of male mankind which is often underestimated. A man who shaves nearly every single day and often uses unsuitable tools, sometimes in bad conditions, may cause irritations and evident reaction disorders besides a progressive skin sensitization and a decrease in the proper level of hydration. Micro-wounds caused by shaving tools may also sometimes favor topical infections and recurrent episodes of inflammation.

Finally, lots of men wash their face and beard with the same cleansing products used for the whole body just because it’s very practical to do under the shower and thus worsen their cutaneous condition. Bath foams and shower gels are indeed often rich in aggressive surfactants and should be avoided for the skin of the face, especially when just shaved. Biocompatible and specific cosmetics should be preferred, so to gently clean the skin while respecting it.

His skin is up to 20% thicker than Hers, from the horny layer down to dermis: definitely a consistent benefit for the male skin, which enjoys a higher presence of collagen fibers, elastin and hyaluronic acid resulting in a stronger, more elastic and resistant skin.

Firmer, but less hydrated, His skin needs, then, light cosmetics able to grant a high hydration and to keep it for a long time.
It is advisable to prefer products featuring calming, soothing and anti-bacterial properties as well, so to enjoy a complete skin care and after-shave treatment which help the skin rebuild its natural hydrolipidic film, calm irritations down and counteract arising inflammatory reactions.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturizing and smoothing serum

Hydra Fresh

Hydra Fresh

Moisturizing and refreshing face cream




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