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The cosmetics

1. Are your cosmetics suitable for both female and male skin?

Villa Paradiso Cosmetics’ skincare comes from the experience of Villa Paradiso and La Maison du Relax, which for over 30 years have been achieving their daily mission of preventive medicine against aging, starting with the skin’s. Our cosmetics are used in the rigorous protocols of our clinics and have therefore been conceived to meet very different skin needs, without distinction between male or female ones. The choice of the most suitable skincare cosmetic depends on the cutaneous need to be fulfilled; that’s why our staff is always available for some tailored advice: please write to

2. Are there specific protocols to follow for the choice and application of your cosmetics?

Villa Paradiso Cosmetics has conceived and formulated its cosmetic proposal thinking of a comfortable, practical use, which gives visible results with coherent, but easy applications. This is why there are no stringent protocols, nor purchase obligations in our cosmetic proposal. Our staff will be pleased to recommend the most suitable product for everyone’s skin needs while respecting their cosmetic habits, so as to deliver some tailored advice free from any compulsory pattern. Just write to for your personal consultation.

3. How are your cosmetics made?

We like to talk about “cosmetic design”: we conceive all our cosmetics leveraging the precious medical and wellness daily clinical experience at Villa Paradiso and La Maison du Relax, where the preventive medicine of aging in a context of absolute Guest personalization is the founding value that has been inspiring the work of our doctors and therapists for over 30 years.
We meet a market which evolves fast and uninterruptedly and keep an endless dialogue with cosmetologists and laboratories that have been collaborating with us for many years in a continuous research program.
We conceive formulas which undergo severe laboratory and sensorial tests to give the Consumer, every day, solutions of proven efficacy, excellent tolerability and great application comfort aimed at preventing the appearance of the outer signs of skin aging or making them less visible.

Orders and shipment

4. I placed an order in the website, how long does it take for it to be sent?

All orders placed via our e-commerce platform are made available for shipment within 24-72 working hours from their receipt.

5. How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Villa Paradiso Cosmetics works with primary national and international express couriers. Deliveries on the national territory normally take 1-3 working days after departure, for international destinations the delivery usually requires 2-5 working days, intercontinental destination excluded which may require a few days more. In any case, at time of the order shipment, an e-mail will notify the Customer that the box has been picked-up and will provide a tracking number to follow the delivery in real time.

6. May I pay by bank transfer?

Of course. Please select “SEPA Credit Transfer” at time of check-out to proceed automatically to the payment. Should you have any different need, pleas feel free to send an e-mail to to receive some tailored assistance and all instructions for a bank transfer. The order will be shipped once the payment finally received.

7.My country is not among those listed in the e-commerce platform, what can I do to place my order?

For Customs reasons, some countries may not be included in the list of destinations served by our e-commerce platform. Our staff is available for any clarification regarding destinations not available in the shop- online: please send an email to for a tailored reply and all indications needed.

8. What is the minimum order amount to get a free delivery?

The minimum order amount to get a free delivery varies according to destination, as shown in the table below.

DestinationMinimum order amount for free deliveryShipment contribution for orders lower than the minimum amount

€ 100.00

€ 10.00

EU (only countries mentioned in the e-commerce list)

€ 300.00

€ 40.00

United Kingdom, Switzerland

€ 400.00

€ 50.00 *

Middle East and U.S.A.

€ 600.00

€ 60.00 *

Rest of the World

Please contact us

Please contact us *

* Shipments to these destinations are sent with standard Customs charges already included in the cost and paid by Villa Paradiso Cosmetics. However, some extra import local costs which we cannot estimate at time of shipment may not be included; those extra costs will remain on Customer’s charge at time of parcel delivery.

9.Can I have my order delivered to an address other than my usual one / the billing one?

For sure. To ensure that an order is delivered to a different address than the one given at the time of the first registration, simply add the delivery address valid for that specific occasion when placing the order.

10. What should I do to send a gift?

We will be delighted to help you give an emotion together with the cosmetics you have chosen. It is enough to specify it at the time of purchase using the appropriate tools (“it’s a gift”), detailing the delivery address and flagging any eventual preference for a gift box and / or a personal message. The receipt / invoice that normally is sent with the goods will not be included in the gift order.

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