Detox: a few steps to purify body and skin

Detox: a few steps to purify body and skin

A healthy, glowing skin and a harmonious silhouette as a reflection of an overall condition of wellbeing. No quote from the “Books of Miracle”, rather the result of a beneficial self-care and coherent, simple and effective cosmetic treatments that purify the body from toxins and help it regain vitality and lightness.


What toxins are

The natural metabolic processes of our organism or external factors, such as an unbalanced diet or a period of intensive stress, result in the production of toxins, which can be defined as natural waste from the physiological energy transformations of the body.

Toxins compromise its natural biochemical balance, prevent it from functioning properly and their overload can be read in clear signals that share a suffering note: a dull and grayish skin, often with rashes, widespread swelling, localized retention of liquids, a slow metabolism that may easily dispose to weight gain and a general heavy sensation, right the one caused by a crushing overload.


Detox: purify to glow again

Skin, liver and kidneys are the organs in charge for eliminating toxins and restoring an important, newly-found body balance.

Detoxifying the organism and the skin is therefore essential to help keep them in good condition and able to perform their natural functions.

A few gestures and the right cosmetic products, coherently applied even when just once a week, may help the body benefit from an overall vitality and the skin eliminate toxins and impurities to glow again.


Face and body: three products for an effective and pleasant detox

An easy-to-follow weekly detox protocol asking for minimal effort begins with face cleansing, for example by using Clay Mask, the very latest face product born out of Villa Paradiso Cosmetics’ experience, a soft and mattifying emulsion recommended for impure, shiny, acne-prone skin.

Based on Clay, Zinc, Florentine Iris extract, vitamins and Alpha Glucan, the mask has got a dermo-purifying and sebum-regulating action perfectly balanced by the moisturizing and emollient properties of its active ingredients of vegetable origin which deliver a clean, soft and bright skin.

A precious help to free the body from toxins comes from the application, once a week, of a comfortable and refreshing wrap with Detox Mud. Formulated with 95% of ingredients of natural origin, Detox Mud works by osmosis to exert a draining and detoxifying action thanks to its content of green and white Clay. A synergy of precious plant extracts and essential oils also stimulates tissue rebalancing and promotes the drainage of liquids.

A glowing skin and a more harmonic silhouette also come from supporting the proper functioning of liver and kidneys and favoring the reduction of fluids retention, diuresis and the elimination of toxins.

Purifying Herbal Tea is the most appreciated of the infusions served in the famous wellness clinics Villa Paradiso and Maison du Relax for its effective detoxifying action and its pleasant taste. An exclusive recipe exclusively created for the brand with Fennel seeds, Anise and Licorice, delicious also when cold, the tea carries out a purifying action on the body and helps it restore its natural balance.

Purifying clay mask

Purifying clay mask

Dermo-purifying and rebalancing Clay mask

Detox Mud

Detox Mud

Draining and detoxifying mud for localized packs




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