Cosmetic textures, an emotional experience

Cosmetic textures, an emotional experience

We would not have reached this point in time along our evolutionary path hadn’t we used our five senses to get in touch with the world: we choose with the eyes, the sense of smell is the most primordial sense organ, endowed with such a powerful memory which lets us relive the emotion of a scent for a lifetime, taste defends us from potential dangers and sets our mind for well-being through the satisfaction coming from food.

Touch is perhaps the most reciprocal, generous of our five senses: by touch, we physically get in contact with what’s around us, we do meet the Other and get back hints and information. At the same time, our touch on what’s outside and the impression we get from this convey outwards a little bit of ourselves: that’s what they call experience.


Texture: a tactile emotion

The consistency of a cosmetic is technically defined as texture and, together with the emotional perception it triggers, constitutes an essential element for the sensory evaluation of a skincare item.

A tactile impression actually starts before trying a cream on the back of our hand: the material sensation we get from a new product does indeed begin before we touch it, rather when we just look at it, for example as it comes out of its bottle, and the idea we are suggested with its consistency starts immediately forming a conviction of softness, thickness or lightness in our brain that is unlikely to be changed.


How the texture leads the choice of a cosmetic

The choice of the texture in a cosmetic is therefore strategic to deliver the consumer a complete and pleasant sensory experience that ensures the product will be used with satisfaction and coherency: the emotion triggered by its first application actually leads us mentally decide, in a few seconds, how much we like it and will continue to use it.

More than its color, visual appearance or fragrance, it is right its impression at first touch that convinces us of its pleasantness and, indirectly, efficacy: we are actually as much inclined to consider a cosmetic as valid as we like its application and its texture conveys us an idea of transformation, no matter if only the one given by a rapid absorption. This evolution actually makes us think the product will act with the same fastness and effectiveness also when taking care of our skin.


Texture trend: variety and transformation

Variety of the tactile stimulation and transformation are therefore two key elements when choosing the consistency of any cosmetic product. Villa Paradiso Cosmetics has always enhanced them by developing textures that are the most suitable from a formulation and functional point of view – in order to deliver the active ingredients of its references at the best – and which grant, at the same time, pleasantness and satisfaction at time of application and a multilevel sensory experience, so to intrigue the consumers and encourage them to use the product.


Gels, butters, oils: different textures to stimulate the senses and care for the skin

For this reason, the brand’s cosmetics range from silky cream formulations to soft gels, anhydrous butters, velvety serums, very fine-grained oils which often transform from a tactile point of view during the application.

Body Scrub, for example, one of the best sellers in Villa Paradiso Cosmetics’ body proposal, comes as an anhydrous product featuring a pleasantly grainy, but soft texture. When massaged on the dry skin of the body, the heat and the movement make the grains of rock salt dissolve and the scrub turn into a fine and scented oil that delivers a gentle, but effective exfoliation for a soft and smooth skin, ready to get the cosmetic treatments to follow.

An even triple transformation is offered by Draining Gel Oil, an exclusive body treatment rich in functional ingredients having a draining, purifying and microcirculation-stimulating action. Offering a consistent and soft gel texture, upon application it turns into a rich and voluptuous oil scenting the amber that leaves the skin deeply hydrated, silky and smooth. If sprayed with Anti-Age Regenerating Lotion, an active water with a moisturizing and revitalizing action for face and body, the oil becomes a light emulsion that is immediately absorbed.

A gel that becomes a soft and effervescent foam, also perceivable as a micro-massage: Oxygen Cleansing Foam is the innovative cleanser by Villa Paradiso Cosmetics recommended for daily cleansing of face and neck. Coming as a light and gently-scented gel texture, in contact with air it changes to a fine, effervescent foam that cleanses and oxygenates the skin, wakes it up to its natural vitality and leaves it moisturized, elastic and fresh.

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Exfoliating and smoothing scrub

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Draining Gel Oil

Draining Gel Oil

Moisturizing and draining gel-oil

Oxygen Cleansing Foam

Oxygen Cleansing Foam

Oxygenating Cleansing Foam




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