A brilliant ambition established the ground for the foundation of Villa Paradiso Cosmetics in 2004:
innovating the daily cosmetic care.
Leveraging the sound experience gained at Villa Paradiso Clinical Beauty® – where our first anti-aging cosmetic range was born – Villa Paradiso Cosmetics has been trying, since its foundation, to answer the needs of a demanding Customer who wishes to take care both of his health and his skin youth. A Client facing a tough daily routine, nevertheless not going to waive his wellbeing, style, emotions.

The iconic gate of Villa Paradiso is the true landmark of this charming story.

An old hand-made iron door opening halfway between land and water to let visitors enter a world of refined lifestyle.

A door opened on Garda lake and on our world, which is nowadays featuring onto all our products.

The intuition of Mrs. Fiorenza Fuser, brand creative director at Villa Paradiso Cosmetics, is the bud where our Cosmetic Design idea has started from: a true, huge project aiming at renewing the best Italian cosmetic tradition in light of the newest possibilities offered by scientific research. “Our brand constitutes the technological and creative reply to the needs of contemporary lifestyle: a range of Customer-tailored solutions featuring very easy application procedures, no processing times, water-free and responsive formulas – Mrs. Fuser explains – as quality, time and performance are the true ingredients of our products”.

Villa Paradiso Cosmetics daily promotes something special which goes beyond the essential cosmetic product: special textures and delicate scents, a sophisticated location on the banks of Garda lake, a genuine passion for art and style, an exclusive community of users, all of them signature signs reckoned and appreciated by very refined Customers as true details of the Italian culture and lifestyle.