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“The body is the reflection of our interiority.”
We started our cosmetic range right from this idea, which is simple and complex at the same time. Taking care of our body, of our skin, makes us feel at ease and more confident in ourselves, every day.

Research ad Quality


The R&D unit of Villa Paradiso Cosmetics works together with the medical team and the therapists of our clinics, leveraging the effectiveness of science to fulfil our idea of ​​global wellbeing.

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Cosmetics tips, insights, stories from Villa Paradiso Cosmetics’ team:
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Detox: a few steps to purify body and skin
June 2022

Detox: a few steps to purify body and skin

Cosmetic textures, an emotional experience
May 2022

Cosmetic textures, an emotional experience

Taking care of your skin in spring: three simple rules
April 2022

Taking care of your skin in spring: three simple rules


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Villa Paradiso Group

Villa Paradiso Group has been a leader in wellness for over 30 years and includes today two clinical premises, Villa Paradiso Clinical Beauty and La Maison du Relax, and a business unit for cosmetic research, Villa Paradiso Cosmetics.
Welcome to the world of Villa Paradiso.


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